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Doomraker RESET!!!

Heals of Doom, Feb 17, 12 2:24 PM.
Ok People, We go from here forward! 

PS:  Melissa's son is no longer selling popcorn... (see previous news item).

BoyScout Popcorn :)

Kiaea, Oct 22, 10 12:05 AM.
My son Shawn is now selling popcorn for the boy scouts!
Over 70% of his sales will go to his troop to help pay for his
registration for next year, his camps, patches, and more.
Every purchase, no matter how small, helps.You can either order directly from Shawn or myself or if you live farther away you can go to his site and buy online. All those who order online will receive their order at their home. Please help him out :) Click this link to go to his site and thank you in advance.

ICC Reputation.

Kiaea, Aug 17, 10 11:47 PM.
As those that were with us know, We did extremely well clearing the trash before Lord Marrowgar in ICC. For those of you that are interested in at least grinding the rep, We can try to set that up for maybe once a week. I'm Very proud of everyone that was there. ICC is not easy by far and we are under-geared as a guild. Lord Marrowgar is a challenge and we gave it our best shot. Lets get back to running some randoms and doing some OS and Naxx. I do think with some of the people we have we are ready to try TOC 10. Some of the bosses in there are a major pain, and we will not win on the first try, But i have confidence in our guild. If there is any interest in this let me know in the raid section of our forums :)

Naxx on the go!

Heals of Doom, Aug 16, 10 10:00 AM.
[Guild][Natarl]: Anyone feel like doing some Naxx since there are 9 lvl 80's on?

7 bosses later...

Honestly, I have to say I was pretty proud of our Naxx performance on Saturday night, especially since it wasn't planned.  Six months ago it took us 3-4 hours to do the Arachnid Quarter... Saturday we did it in less than one hour.  Then we hit up Noth the Plaguebringer, Patchwerk, and topped the adventure off with Sappiron & Kel'Thuzad.  We only wiped about 4 times in the whole trip, mostly to inexperience in certain fights (i.e. Instructor Rezuvious)  Which I think speaks highly of how well we have geared and improved our skills and teamwork.  Special thanks to Melissa for guiding us thru it all.  Without our knowledgeable Raid Commanders... well, we'd still be trying to kill Anub'rekhan.

Kris got the Champion of the Frozen Wastes ach & title... which is way cool, and gives him a 7 foot name.

We'll go back and do the other Naxx quarters sometime soon I think.  The more different kinds of fights we do, the better we can prepare ourselves for future raid craziness.  So good job all!  If you were here... I'd buy you a delicious Philly Cheesesteak.  But I wouldn't share any with Melissa... shh, don't tell her I said that.


Getting back in gear!

Heals of Doom, Aug 3, 10 1:24 PM.
Gearing Up & Getting in Sync

Hey there peoples!  Its been an awesome couple of weeks in the guild we like to call Doomraker.  We have a few really good groups going for heroic runs, and we have been taking the initiative and using that to help lesser geared people improve their equipment.  Plus, we all get emblems.  We have at least 3-4 tanks... and probably 3-4 healers.  The only thing we seem to be having issues with is people signing up to the raids.  We know we can do them.  We have done OS10 several times, with only 8 people... and we did a bunch of Naxx as well.  All that while several of us had lesser gear.  So if you see that a raid is going on... and you are interested... at least sign up as "tentative".  If we don't get enough signed up... we just run dungeons.  I know several people have schedule conflicts with our raids.  Please let our Raid Commanders (Jeff & Melissa) know your availability... if you have not already.  We can totally do raids.  We just need to get people there.

On a side note...  Welcome back to Todd, Andrea, and Patrick!  ... and anyone else i might have missed.

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